games:net Berlin Europe introduces: Happy Broccoli Games

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    23.03.20225 p.m.

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In our upcoming edition of games:net Berlin Europe introduces, we would like to present to you Berlin-based indie developer Happy Broccoli Games. 

Who wouldn’t wish for some time travel skills when you are the new kid in school? But be careful what you wish for, especially when your powers are given to you by a magical kraken. You might end up saving the world. 

Happy Broccoli Games describe their first game Kraken Academy!! as a “groundhog-day adventure inspired by 90s comedy anime”. What that means and more on the development of the game and the founding of Happy Broccoli, Studio Director Annika Maar, Programmer Joni Levinkind and Marketing Manager Irene Preuss will report in an entertaining chat with André Bernhardt, Managing Director of IndieAdvisor. After the interview, you are allowed to ask questions in a short Q&A. 

The one-hour presentation will be held as a public Zoom conference. If you are interested in participating, please register here. 



Annika Maar

Annika Maar is a former fantasy illustrator (e.g. „The Dark Eye“). She founded Happy Broccoli Games after starting her passion project „Kraken Academy!!“. 


Joni Levinkind

Joni Levinkind is an indie games programmer and designer. He collaborated on ‚Ord.‘, a 3-word text adventure, and worked on various mobile games, before joining Happy Broccoli Games. 


Irene Preuss

Irene Preuss has been working in the games industry for the past 5 years in business development, event organisation and marketing roles, and joined Happy Broccoli Games in 2020. 




André Bernhardt

André Bernhardt has run IndieAdvisor & Company for nine years. He offers external business development and consulting for indie developers, curates the devcom Indie Expo, teaches at different colleges and hosts panels, talks and other events.