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How do you use the strengths of both movies and games to tell one transmedial story? Telescope Game Studios has the answer and shares it with you on March 14th. 

The development studio not only works on their first game “The Rise of the Leviathan”, but also on an animated feature-film and series called “The Last Whale Singer”. The clou: all three projects are based on the same characters and world-building. Instead of a cinematic adaptation of a game or a gamification of a movie, both projects are developed to go hand in hand while also stand for themselves.

Co-CEO Reza Memari and Studio Director and Producer Mafalda Duarte come together with our host André Bernhardt to have an entertaining chat about the difficulties of managing three different projects at once, how to effectively use the characteristics of both movies and games, and how it’s possible to truly tell a transmedial story.

Mafalda Duarte - Studio Director and Producer

Mafalda Duarte is the Studio Director and Producer at Telescope Game Studios. The Berlin-Brandenburg game studio is set on a mission to build on The Last Whale Singer story-verse and other independent IPs with Telescope Animation. Working as Ambassador and Ambassador Coordinator for Women in Games, Mafalda has strong ties to community building and women’s empowerment. Co-founded the Game Dev Lisbon collective, organising meet-ups, events and awards. 

Reza Memari - Co-CEO

Reza Memari is a writer and director and the co-CEO and co-founder of Telescope Animation. His animated feature A STORK’S JOURNEY premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and became a worldwide critical and commercial success. As a former manager in the games industry, Reza has an extensive background in entertainment marketing and games development. He is an alumnus of the Academy for Children’s Media and Berlinale Talents, and a member of the German and European Film Academies.  

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