medianet GAMES International – Transatlantic introduces: RANDWERK

Sometimes you are in the mood to destroy stuff? RANDWERK has just the game for you! We will introduce you to the Berlin-based indie studio and their first game ABRISS.
  • Date & Time

    13.12.2023 - 13.12.20234 pm - 5 pm

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    Zoom Live Stream

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On December 13th, 4 p.m.,  IndieAdivsor’s André Bernhardt will conduct an interview with one of Berlin’s latest indie developers. RANDWERK is not only very successful with their first game ABRISS, which won the DCP for Best Graphic Design in 2023, but is also the first game studio that uses the German cooperative form, leading their company in a democratic way. In the live Zoom interview they will get into the reasons why they chose this company model as well as the development story of ABRISS.

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André Bernhardt – IndieAdvisor

André Bernhardt has run IndieAdvisor & Company for nine years. He offers external business development and consulting for indie developers, curates the devcom Indie Expo, teaches at different colleges and hosts panels, talks and other events. 

Johannes Knop – Randwerk

Johannes Knop is game designer, chairman and co-founder at Randwerk Games, Germany’s first game studio cooperative. With their debut, the destructive physics puzzle game “ABRISS – build to destroy”, Randwerk has already won the German Computer Game Award in the category “Best Graphic Design”.

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Anne Autenrieb

Projektmanagerin GAMES