Recruiting Remote Employees – Digital Spaces vs. Real World Boundaries

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As part of gamesweekberlin and their Career Day, our sister intiative games:net berlinbrandenburg offers an online-panel titled “Recruiting Remote Employees – Digital Spaces vs. Real World Boundaries” on November 25th.

The games industry has always operated internationally and developments surrounding Covid-19 further accelerated this process. An ever-growing number of game studios employ talent from around the world, without ever physically meeting each other. But what labor laws are effective when hiring internationally? And how can a company transport its current culture and values to new hires without in person interaction? What are chances and pitfalls of remote hiring practices?

These and other exciting questions will be answered by our expert panel, including Franziska Zeiner (Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Fein Games), Mengühan Ünver (Co-Founder, Taledo) and Tsahi Liberman (Head of Game Design & Data, Lightneer). Maria Wagner (Founder, Impact With Joy and Initiator of will be hosting the panel.

Tune in via the official gamesweekberlin Twitch channel!