Rami Ismail

Episode 1

University, Vlambeer and Starcraft & Upbringing, Multi-Culturalism and Inspiration

In this episode, we speak with Rami Ismail about his career. We talk about becoming a game developer, dropping out of school due to ownership conflicts, founding his own studio Vlambeer, which was predetermined to be shut down one day, shutting it down after 10 years, and what to do next. And everything in between.

In the second part we talk about his upbringing, growing up between two cultures, how a standing ovation explained his job to his dad and his purpose of bringing multicultural awareness into the gaming sphere.

Rami Ismail

Game Developer and Ambassador at Vlambeer

Rami believes in sharing knowledge openly and does so as a public speaker at universities and game events around the world, as well as with his free presskit-creation tool (presskit) that helps indie developers with marketing and business facets. He organized Fuck This Jam, a gamejam focused around making a game in a genre you hate, and co-founded the game studio Vlambeer that earned him a listing in the Forbes 30-under-30 in Games.


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