Jenni Wergin

Episode 12

Of Gaming as a Woman, Entering the Industry and Big Numbers

Jenni Wergin is the gamers’ gamer. She is currently a product manager for Thunderful Games, and was previously a part of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Booster Space (gamesweek Berlin, Womenize). She is also a moderator and a let’s player on her YouTube channel “Two into Indie”. We speak about our shared experiences in games like WoW and StarCraft, her career, her love for the games industry, how we can facilitate easier entries into the industry, the big numbers she is collecting, and her ambitions as an artist.

Jenni Wergin

Product Manager at Thunderful Publishing

Jenni loves everything gaming related: She started her career in the games industry as the Project Manager of Womenize! Games and Tech. Her job started by drafting the concept and ended at midnight after the conference. In September 2018, she joined Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg as the Funding Manager for innovative audiovisual content focused on games and gaming events. There she was responsible for the local game scene in Berlin and Brandenburg. At the beginning of 2022, Jenni joined Thunderful Publishing as a Product Manager. Apart from that, she has a YouTube channel, Two Into Indie, where she plays all kinds of indie games and is generally crazy about esport. She held a master’s degree in European Media and wrote her master’s thesis about the disappearance of the minimap in open-world games.


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