Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz

Episode 13

Of Choosing Your Own Titles, Mobility of the Mind and Digital Resilience

Steffen is an explorer – a title he has given himself for his current position at Volkswagen Group’s digital transformation subsidiary diconium but that holds also true for the rest of his life.

We talk about the strange turns of Steffen’s career, travel in all it forms and how health and mobility have always played a role in his life since the very beginning.

Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz

Explorer at diconium

Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz is a designer, creative director, producer and explorer of novel types of gameful engagement and intervention, across media, technologies and genres. He holds a PhD in Computer Aided Architectural Design and a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology, Rhetoric and Political Science. Steffen is Adjunct Professor of (Game-Based) Design Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology (AU), Fellow at the University of St.Gallen’s Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (CH), and Visiting Professional at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (USA). He co-owns patents in areas as diverse as intelligent mobile first-aid; in-car gaming; and object-recognizing, location-based Augmented Reality. Now, Steffen serves as an Explorer for Volkswagen Group’s digital transformation subsidiary diconium/CARIAD, where he connects the dots between topics such as next-generation mobility-based content, gaming, health & wellbeing, and emerging technologies, for clients including Volkswagen Group Innovation, Kodak Alaris and Bosch

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