Nathaniel Barker

Episode 16

Of Many Acronyms, No Surprises and No Douchebags

With his newly founded games studio Roamer Games, Nate Barker wants to do what nobody else does. What that is and how he wants to accomplish that, he tells Simon and Florian in this episode. Apart from that he shares his love for Berlin, data-driven game development and his team.

Nathaniel Barker

Founder & CEO of Roamer Games

Nate is the Founder and CEO of Roamer Games. Based in Berlin but hailing from San Francisco, California, Nate handles Marketing, Community, HR, Finance, Legal and all the bits and bobs that arise in the course of game development. In previous roles, he was the Director of Business Development at Kolibri Games (a Ubisoft company), an early hire at Chartboost, and ran marketing for top Disney and 20th Century Fox IP-based games. When he’s not playing his own games, his current favorite time sink is Space Haven.

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