Amir Mirzaee

Episode 17

Of Natural Curiosity, Being a Role Model and the Story of Data

Amir Mirzaee, Managing Director and COO of Bayes Esports, is constantly on the search for inspiration. While finding it in his job, games and other people, he himself is an inspirational source as well. With Simon and Florian he talks about being a role model, finding his own flavor and how games are a form of culture and art.

Amir Mirzaee

COO & Managing Director at Bayes Esports

Amir Mirzaee is the COO & Managing Director of Bayes Esports. Amir has over 15 years of experience in technology startups, many of those years he has spent at Google and Waze. At Bayes Esports, Amir can combine his two passions, tech and gaming. His goal is to professionalize esports in order to change the image that society has of esports in the long term. „People need to understand that esports is not just about video games, it is also about sports and an industry.

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