Stephen Lee

Episode 19

Of Community, Good Publishing and Taking a Breath

Sometimes, all we need is to breathe. This holds true to DECA Games, a publisher that breathes new life into old video games, but also to its Head of Business Development, Stephen Lee, who tries to live his life consciously from one breath to the next. With Simon and Florian he talks about cultural differences, true partnerships and health. As if this wasn’t enough already, we solve Florian’s childhood trauma along the way.

Stephen Lee

Head of Business Development at DECA Games

Stephen Lee is Head of Business Development at DECA Games, known for their Live Ops expertise and as the mobile free-to-play publishing unit of the Embracer Group. With over 20 years of experience across three continents, Stephen works with non-profits in the games industry, is a regular speaker at industry events as well as a judge of international gaming competitions.

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