Philip Hübner

Episode 2

Monetizing esports, Managing Pro Players at Age 13 and Career Growth & Computer-Uncle, Mental Models and Personal Transformation

In this episode, we speak with Phil Hübner about his career. We talk about Challengermode and Philip’s mission there. Then we go back and look across his career, which started in his teens, managing a professional esports team and building a MOBA-section for an esports news website, to becoming a pro Dota player. Finally Philip talks about working at industry giants ESL and Twitch and his professional growth.

In part two we talk about growing up in a single parent household, father figures, share experiences on learning to enjoy life as young adults despite coming from relatively weak economical households, and we touch on Phil’s mental models and the transformations he underwent. We also cover our shared career path and reflect on some conflicts we had at the time – a redemption arc.

Philip Hübner

Chief Business Officer at Challengermode

Phil is part of the gaming industry since a very young age. He managed an esports team in his teens and worked as Content Director for the independent esports news source ESFI World supervising a team of 200 in the age of 18. He can look back on a career as a pro player of Dota and positions at Twitch and ESL. As Chief Business Development Officer at Challengermode, an esports infrastructure platform that develops automation tools for game tournaments, he devises the company’s strategy for partnerships, business development and game developer / publisher relations.

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