Derk de Geus

Episode 21

Of Persistency, Founder's Syndrome and Meaningful Connections

Give yourself the chance to have chances! Derk de Geus, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Paladin Studios, believes that persistency is the key for success. Take full ownershop of what you can control, but have the trust in your team that they will do the rest. In this episode he talks about his way in and out of burnout and how spirituality drives him to find both himself and the best way to lead his studio.

Derk de Geus

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Paladin Studios

Derk de Geus is Co-CEO / Co-Founder of Paladin Studios and Chairman of the Dutch Games Association. With a background in design, art, music and programming, he is a creative at heart, and loves to help creative people thrive. With almost two decades as an independent entrepreneur in the game industry, he has deep practical knowledge of leadership, organizations, management, creativity, spirituality and personal development – and how it all ties together.

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