Ata Sergey Nowak

Episode 25

Of Political Games, Multi-Perspectivity and Corruption

Boris Johnson hasn’t played Suzerain, otherwise he would have been a better prime minister. This is only one thing you will learn from this podcast with Ata Sergey Nowak, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Torpor Games. Other things include: how the formation of Torpor Games depended on a lottery ticket, why Ata advises you not to take advice, and what advantages it has to be born “in the middle”.

Ata Sergey Nowak

Managing Director and Co-Founder Torpor Games

Fluent in three languages and with a fervent passion for games, Ata has contributed to renowned titles like „Hearts of Iron 3“ and „Squad“ and headed an international NGO focused on European Union projects. As the Managing Director and Co-founder of Torpor Games, Ata with his team championed the successful release of „Suzerain“ and are working on further experiences in the Suzerain Universe. He is also offering software and games industry-specific consultancy through Nowak Advisors.

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