Jasmin Oestreicher

Episode 27

Of Leaving the Shire, Overthinking and Another Kind of Leadership

What better way to decide things than ask oneself: What would Commander Shepard do? Like the main character in Mass Effect, Jasmin Oestreicher chose different paths along the way of her career, leading her from the Shire to Mordor and back, meeting different kinds of leaders and learning from them what counts: empathy, listening, and putting your team first. How she implements these traits in her role as CEO of the successful influencer marketing agency Instinct3 while overcoming her introvert and overthinking tendencies, she tells Simon and Florian in this episode.

Jasmin Oestreicher

CEO of Instinct3

Jasmin started at INSTINCT3 in 2021 working on numerous projects before jumping into developing the wholistic agency strategy and service portfolio. In January 2024 she became CEO of INSTINCT3, one of the leading German creative and influencer marketing agencies founded by gaming and variety influencer, HandOfBlood. With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, she has a deep passion for combining games with all aspects of pop culture and entertainment.

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