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Episode 28

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Of Intuition, Creative Freedom and Finding Your Place

Fernando Ferero’s life led him from Columbia to Poland, from Germany to the US and back to Germany. It also took him to renowned gaming companies such as CD Projekt Red, Goodgame Studios and Blizzard Entertainment. As a Senior UI Artist he worked on prestigious projects like The Witcher 3 and Diablo IV.

While talking about this incredible life path, we also go into the distinction of hope vs. reality in the games industry, how to generate trust and freedom for yourself, and enjoying what you have.

Fernando Forero Pinilla

Senior UI Artist

Fernando is a multidisciplinary Colombian Graphic Designer based in Leipzig, Germany and working as a SENIOR UI ARTIST on DIABLO IV at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT for over 7 years (from Leipzig, Munich and Hamburg in Germany; and Irvine, California in USA). Honored to be the first BLIZZARD employee working abroad.

He has over 25 years experience in different fields as advertising, prints, font design, corporate identity, web design, tv, video games and mobile games for clients and projects in Latin America, United States and Europe.

Parallel to his professional work Ihe is constantly developing personal works with which he has won many contests and that have been exhibited in different events and countries.

His work has been reviewed by several art and design publications as IMAGINE FX, ART QUARTER from DPI MAGAZINE, EDITORIAL DESIGN from CHOIS GALLERY among others and is currently featured in blogs specializing in design for the high quality of his expressiveness and the inventiveness of his creativity.

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