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Episode 29

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Of Doing Well, Doing Good, and Lifting As You Climb

Meet Garvey, the Paladin, and learn his ways. How he turned his life around from being a troll to living in the service of others. How he breaks down game mechanics to apply them to life and consequently, at one time in his life, ending up on the cover of the New York Sunday Times. The Head of Education and Government Affairs at Nodwin Gaming takes you on a ride from the streets of Brooklyn all the way to the Philippines, giving you his two cents about how gaming changed his life over and over again and how he applies his learnings to educate and mentor the younger generation.

Mark ‚Garvey‘ Candella

Head of Education & Government Affairs at Nodwin Gaming

Mark “Garvey” Candella is the Head of Education & Government Affairs at Nodwin Gaming, one of the world’s top gaming and esports companies.


Prior to that Garvey spent 8.5 years as a Director in the Partnerships department at where he led global initiatives such as international expansion, strategic partnerships and the founding of the Twitch Student Program. From humble beginnings as a competitive Magic the Gathering player in 1994 and an avid pen and paper role player prior to that he has been involved in the gaming and esports industry ever since.


His message of inclusiveness, diversity and collaboration is a personal philosophy deeply ingrained in every project he works on.

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