Lea Schönfelder

Episode 3

Founding Fein Games, Ideal Workplace and Game Design around Personal Stories & Artistic Expression through Systems, Purpose of Gaming and a Good Life

In this episode, we speak with Lea Schönfelder about her career and her newly founded studio Fein Games. Lea’s unique approach to the games she wants to make, her vision for her own studio she had since university and the journey she had to take before it was time to make her dream a reality.

In the second part we speak with Lea Schönfelder about her life. How she grew up, how she got in touch with games, what purpose she sees in games. Also, the significance of a game she is making right now to her own life, and what it means for her to live a good life.

Lea Schönfelder

Co-Founder and Creative Partner of Fein Games

Lea is passionate about games and creative culture. With her background in Fine Arts, she conceived and designed award winning interactive experiences for multiple platforms. Together with Franziska Zeiner, she co-founded the boutique games studio Fein, a female-led studio developing games from a female perspective and with cultural relevance.


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