Kristian Metzger

Episode 4

Homeworld Mobile, Being a Jack of All Trades and Early Berlin GameDev Days & Finding Confidence, Hedonism and Gathering Your Tribe

In this episode, we speak with Kristian Metzger about his career and his company Stratosphere Games. We cover the current state of Stratosphere and the games they are developing right now, Kristian’s career and the many places it took him, and what his vision for the company looks like. We also find out some tidbits about early days of gamedev in Berlin.

In part two we speak with Kristian Metzger about life. How he grew up, how much he was longing for agency and belonging, how losing weight impacted him, and what drives him to have his company be a place for friends and family.

Kristian Metzger

CEO of Stratosphere Games

Kristian knows the industry inside out. With his previous positions in games journalism, Product Management, Business Development and as a CEO in various companies in Berlin and the United Kingdom, he accumulated over 20 years of experience. Since 2015, he is the founder and CEO of Stratosphere Games, a AAA mobile games developer based in Berlin, where he and his team create next-gen experiences for your pocket,

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