Fedor van Herpen

Episode 5

Curating Perfect Matches, Attaching Emotions to Meetings and Dad Jokes & 90's Click Ads, Older Sisters and Loving School

In this episode, we speak with Fedor van Herpen, Co-Founder of Meet to Match, about his business and his career. We especially focus on the business of meeting people, and how that changed during COVID. Fedor gives his best practice advice on how to best connect with people via the online means available right now.

The second part is about Fedor van Herpens life. We cover his youth, favorite games, growing up with “3 moms” and an unusual internet side-hustle in the 90s. Fedor also shares his secret recipe to living a good life.

Fedor van Herpen

Co-Owner of MeetToMatch

Fedor connects people. Together with his business partner Ansgar Smith, he co-founded MeetToMatch, a platform that provides vast possbilities of matchmaking online, on-site and in hybrid formats. Their focus on the entertainment industry is no coincidence, as Fedor worked in marketing for different companies like PreMortem Games or at the Festival of Games. Additionally, he used his industry expierence as an Angel Investor for game, event and corporate productivity technology.

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