Philomena Schwab

Episode 6

Of Long Tails, Crossovers and Gratitude Diaries

In this episode we speak with Philomena Schwab, Co-Founder of Stray Fawn Studio, about her studio and the games industry in Switzerland. We zoom in on how her studio works with regards to community building and role coverage. As always, we also cover her career, her life and her background.

Philomena Schwab

Co-Founder of Stray Fawn Studio

Philomena is a high-flyer in the games industry. Not only is she a co-founder of the games studio Stray Fawn but she is also a board member of the Swiss Game Developers Association and the Swiss Game Hub. On top of that, she ranks among the renowned „30-under-30“-list of Forbes Magazine from 2017, received a Hero-Award at gamescom in 2019 and the honorary title of „Companion“ from the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts).

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