Sebastian Stamm

Episode 7

Of Golden Combinations, Worldbuilding and Four Dimensional Answers

In this episode we speak with Sebastian Stamm, Co-Founder of Black Pants Game Studio, about funding a studio during the first wave of indie games in the late 2000s. We dive into the depths of game studies in Germany, comparing different university types. As always, we also cover his career, his life and his background.

Sebastian Stamm

CEO of Black Pants Studio

Sebastian is passionate about drawing, mechanics, robots and unique fictional characters. With this passion and his degree in Visual Communication (Illustration and Comic), it was only a short way to the games industry. He is the Co-Founder and member of the award winning Indie game studio Black Pants Studio where he works as Art Director / Illustrator and CEO and is an appointed professor for Game Art at the UE in Berlin.

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