Johanna Pirker

Episode 9

Of Wearing Many Hats, Online Spaces, and Productivity

In this episode, we speak with Johanna Pirker. Johanna is a game designer and researcher, and does a million things. She tells us about her research work, moving her lectures to Twitch, and immersion into online spaces. Later, we share techniques and experiences on how to live well and effectively as a person with many interests, which at times might feel scattered.

Johanna Pirker

Games VR/AI Researcher and Assistant Professor at TU Graz

Johanna is a jack of all trades. She is Ass.Prof. at TU Graz, leading the research group Game Lab Graz, and researches games with a focus on AI, HCI, data analysis, and VR technologies. She has lengthy experience in designing, developing, and evaluating games and VR experiences and believes in them as tools to support learning, collaboration, and solving real problems.

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